Pleated surfaces

Technique - Transparent stretch film molten with hot air gun
Materials- Transparent stretch film

This idea came to my mind after a very interesting trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

As known, Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands with unique nature, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I had the chance to visit the youngest of them called “Hawai’i the Big Island”. This island is the home of five volcanoes, two of which – active. Therefore, what impressed me the most right away was the lava. Lava is the material which the Hawaiian Islands are entirely made of.

Never before had I seen spreading fields of tar-black substance glowing under the sunlight. I felt as if I were on another planet. During my stay I made countless photos of the structures and shapes created by the solidified lava surface.

When I came back from Hawaii, I realized I wanted to revive the feeling I had when I saw this amazing landscape.

Therefore, I decided to create a spatial composition of gracefully pleated surfaces, diverse in thickness, structure and color.

Using the techniques of weft thread non-loom weaving I made three flat rectangles of the same size – each with 2/16 h. and w.3 m.

Although I had many pictures of solidified lava I chose similar structural composition as main linking element between the surfaces.

Furthermore, in order to create variety, I have treated the surfaces differently.

The first rectangle is graphic and tightly pleated, the second is colored and the third one is a foundation with black contour, which traces the outlines of the structure.

These three surfaces can be displayed in different ways – hung on the wall as wall rug or suspended in the air. In this specific case I would like to present my work as spatial composition which most correctly represents my idea for stratification and strength of the material, for reproduction of space and comprehensiveness.

Therefore, I have decided to hang the rectangles horizontally pleated one next to the other, slightly overlapping each other. Thus, using their size and structure I can recreate the feeling of space and grace simultaneously with the sense of mightiness of nature.