Technique - Transparent stretch film molten with hot air gun
Materials- Transparent stretch film

What's Infinite? Could a person create a visual idea of how it looks?
We are inextricably linked to the Earth, only here our life is possible, it's our home, and beyond its limits is boundless space.
Since ancient times mankind has been looking up at the sky- full of enigma . what he was seeing in the sky were not just dots that glow in distant darkness. Ancient nations were seeing deep symbolism and meaning in the layout of celestial bodies. Their observations have contributed greatly to further development in the study of the cosmos.
Now thanks to modern scientific discoveries and technologies, we can say that we know a lot about the cosmic space but the understanding that the universe is infinite makes us realize that our knowledge is far from sufficient and there is still much to learn.
When I try to imagine what follows the boundaries of the space my mind moves to places far away from Earth through the notion of a continuous string of dimensions, like I'm on a journey to discover other realities and worlds. At the same time think of ourselves and the planet we live, how we take things for granted, we are here and now, we have its time dimension and The Universe, our Planet Earth is our reality and day by day life, but if we had opportunity to escape our time to look at our planet , our whole reality from a distance, what would we think then? It would be ecstatic to travel in space, but also to ponder the question, in fact, are we inhabitants of so small and so distant planet executing its dance around its Sun.
In The Space the reality is very different from that on The Earth.
There is no sun to determine the day and night, no clocks to measure time not existing in concepts like "up" or "down" or there is not lamp big enough which would be able to remove cosmic darkness. In infinite Cosmic Space there are galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, moons, creating matter particles, comets, quasars, asteroids, black holes, vacuum, dark matter and dark energy, gravity, anti matter and so on.
Each of these elements is an integral part of the cosmic picture.
Elegant and enchanting, Space has mystery and magnetism that always appeals to me and gives me the freedom of thought and imagination.