Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 60x50cm., 2018


Medea Yankova is originally from Bulgaria, with Georgian ancestry.
She received her education at the Saint Luca National College for Applied Arts (Sofia, Bulgaria), specializing in Textile Art. She then obtained a Bachelor and Masters Degree in the Bulgarian National Art Academy (Sofia, Bulgaria) with the same specialty. After she gained MA in 2012, she earned a PhD. Degree in Modern Art History in 2016, in the specialty of Textile Art and Design, in the same institution, with dissertation subject “The Role of Color in Textile Art. Authors (1960 - 2010)”. Medea is an active multidisciplinary artist working mainly in the fields of Painting and Drawing at the moment. Besides that, she also works in the fields of Installation Art, Performance Art, Video Art, Textile Art, Textile Design and Sculpture.