Medea is multidisciplinary artist who is exploring the constant flow of motion and rhythms through the drawing and painting approaches.

She is an artist who mainly does her drawing and painting from live where she can capture the abstract and surreal rhythms of a particular moment in time and space. Viewers might see objects, places and people in her visual artworks, but for her it’s an ensemble of abstract rhythms, shapes, colours and patters. Same like Jazz music, the improvisation is huge part of her visual art. She might use the reality which surrounds her as main inspiration, but she also incorporates her imagination equally to the process of creation of her art.

She believes that the most genuine way to capture the energy, motion and mood of the particular moment is through the initial drawing at the time and place of creation. This is the cleanest an quickest way of an idea and feeling to be brought into the material world. 

Since 2019 Medea is based in London and her style changed a lot being influenced from the graffiti and street art. She incorporates spray paint in her paintings now and also paints big murals. For her the sketches she creates in situ are the prototypes for her paintings or designs later, which she can transfer on or use for anything. She keeps challenging herself with new techniques and mediums, and also creating her own, as this is remaining from her long past as textile art student.

Medea is originally from Bulgaria and Georgia. She received her artistic education in the „National Art Academy“ (Sofia, BG)” as well as Worldwide thanks to the numerous international education and exchange programs, art residencies and art events she participated in and was awarded with.

In 2016 she defended a doctorate on “The Role Of Colour In Textile Art. Authors (1960 / 2010)”.

Selected awards, residencies and art shows: 

-2023 Group Show “Vignettes- Exploring Nostalgia”. Curators Lara and Greg. BSMT SPACE, London, UK.

-2023 Group Show “Obsessed”. Curator Teresa Kureckova. Shoreditch Arches, London, UK.

-2022 Art Residency in “Print Club London”. Curator Claudia Hogg. Print Club London Online Art Gallery, London, UK. 

- 2019 Solo Show “Rules for the Game”. Curator Ph. D. Yovo Panchev. Doza Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

-2019 Art Residency and Cultural Exchange Program “Meet Leshan and Jincheng- Sketching and Communication for Artists from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC)”, Leshan/ Sichuan and Jincheng/ Shanxi, China. 

-2018 Solo Show “London In Sketches”. Curator Medea. Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

-2015 Fulbright Visiting Researcher Grant for six months, in the “University of Hawai’i at Hilo”. Hilo, Hawaii, USA. 

- 2013 Two months Art Residency at “Cité International Des Arts”. Paris, France. 

- 2013 Participation at the “14th International Triennial of Tapestry”, with textile installation “Undulated Surfaces”. Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland.