Privacy Policy

All your information is stored safely and used only for the order/s you made with me. I will never use your info for anything else. After the order is completed I destroy all the personal info you gave me, as a guarantee that it will not be ever taken from me from someone else.

How quick can I work

I am self employed full time artist who works on my art business by myself, so if any delay occurs due to busy times, please take my apologies. I am very communicative and will keep you always updated and in the loop for your order or art commission.

Usually for sold already created artworks I need around 10 working days to dispatch them as I firstly professionally digitise them. I use for this a professional studio which does the job for me and they are busy. I am working on getting my own professional camera, so I can do it myself in future quicker.

For any print option is the same time (unless I have already the digital file), plus the time of print creation. It depends on the type of print too. I can answer any specific questions on this matter in emails. Just drop me an email through my CONTACT form in my website. I am very very communicative and helpful and will come back to you very shortly. Unless I am on a vacation and then my reply might take maybe some hours.

For art commissions it really depends on the art commission and also how busy I am with other art commissions. It’s a very subjective field. If there is a deadline of course I will put it as priority, if I know I can manage to accomplish the task in the frames of the deadline.

Refund/ Returns Policy

I do not offer refunds and returns at this point as I am selling original artworks and prints. If by any chance anything gets damaged while in transit, usually the courier is accountant as I am packaging my artworks and prints so meticulously, that there is no chance that they got damaged, due to not secure enough packaging. 

I am of course happy to assist with further help and solutions to such problem, even when it is not my fault that the artwork/s print/s got damaged during transit.

But again, this situation can happen 1 in a million times.


For  any questions, please refer to my CONTACT form on my website. Always happy to help and I am very communicative. So you won’t wait long to receive a reply from me.